Congratulations to Team Survive re York Triathlon on 27th April (400m Swim, 20K cycle, 5K run!) Amazing effort by you all!!

Amber, Dani, Naomi, Fliss, Lauren, Lindsay and others from Survive will be taking part in this Sundays York Triathlon to help raise awareness  – to support those taking part in the triathlon, you can donate via

An awesome undertaking – really proud of you all for taking part !!

About our team

We decided 2014 was the year to set ourselves a big challenge, so signed up for the City of York triathlon!We’re all of varying degrees of fitness, and most of us have never done a triathlon or race of any kind before, so we’re hoping to get some tips from our one experienced triathlete, Robbie!

We’re raising money for Survive, a small local charity in York who provide support for victims of rape and sexual abuse. As such a small but incredibly important charity they often struggle with getting the funds to support them.

We’ve set our target as £3000 as last year one volunteer raised this amount through a popular charity giving page, but the website disappeared, and the money was never to be seen again. We’d love to be able to raise this amount, and even more to help Survive in their on going support to members of the local community.

York Triathlon

On 27th April we will take part in the York Triathlon. Many of us have never done anything like this before. In order to raise a large amount we set ourselves a very big challenge. People who weren’t strong runners or swimmers opted to take part for Survive.We have all been training very hard since December, no matter the weather to complete: 400m Swim20K cycle5k Run

Event date:

27-April-2014 08:00  –
27-April-2014 16:00