Individual support meetings are available to men and women. Offered in York, they are usually one-off meetings, arranged when you need to talk to someone face to face about issues related to abuse or rape. These meetings are used for a variety of purposes, and have included the following:

  • To think what you might do about a problem you are facing
  • To find out how child sexual abuse or rape affects people
  • To find out specific information. We will do our best to answer your questions or find out information for you
  • To think about what help you most need at the moment
  • For help with accessing other services
  • To think about reporting to the police and find out about the criminal justice system
  • For ideas on how to cope with particular abuse-related problems such as flashbacks or anxiety
  • To find out more about Survive’s services
  • For emotional support
  • To make contact and reduce isolation
  • To talk to someone confidentially who understands the issues that you face

If you think you might be interested in a one to one support meeting please contact us at the Survive office on 01904 638813.