Helpline 01904 642830                                                                                                    Every Wednesday 1 – 3.30 pm

What does the helpline provide?

The Survive helpline provides phone support and information to callers. If you need someone to talk to about what you are feeling, or information about what might be helpful, please give us a call.

Who is the helpline open to?

The helpline is open to women and men who are adult survivors of child sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault. It is also available to partners, friends and families of people who have been abused or attacked who also may be in need of support.

Who staffs the helpline?

The helpline is staffed by volunteers and workers trained in supporting people with the issues you may have  following rape and sexual abuse. The helpline is staffed by women but if you would prefer to speak with a man this can be organised by arranging a one to one meeting.

When is the helpline open?

The helpline is open on  Wednesdays 1pm-3:30pm. There is an answer phone at other times. Please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.


The Office Phone 01904 638813

What does the office phone provide?

The office phone provides information about Survive and other organisations. If you would like to arrange an appointment to meet with one of us please call us on the office phone.

Who is the office phone open to?

Anyone can call us on the office phone. In addition to survivors of abuse and their partners/friends, we are happy to talk with professionals

Who staffs the office phone?

Trained staff and volunteers staff the office phone

When is the office phone staffed?

The office phone is staffed Monday to Thursdays. When we are not able to answer the phone an answer phone will be in use. Please leave a message and we will call you back.

Ampleforth and Ealing Helpline: 0808 145 1890 

What does the helpline provide?

This line provides emotional support and information; this could include offering counselling in our service or signposting to other services in your area

Who is the support line open to?

Survivors who attended Benedictine Church Schools and suffered child sexual abuse

Who staffs the support line?

A team of two trained Survive staff members.

When is this helpline open? 

Monday to Friday 9am-5pm – this is a project which started at the end of November and will continue until the end of March.