Coffee Morning

Survive run a weekly coffee morning in York for women survivors. The coffee morning offers you a way of meeting others in a relaxed and informal way. It is open to members and if you are a member you can come along when you like, when you are in need of support or when you would just like to have a chat. It is a place where you will be encouraged, supported, be with others who understand and hopefully have some fun.

If you would like to talk through joining the coffee morning please get in touch and we will arrange to meet with you. We will work out with you if it is the right time to join the coffee morning or if another service might be more appropriate at the current time.


Support Groups

We offer separate support groups to men and  women survivors of child sexual abuse. Support groups are an opportunity to build up a sense of safety with a group of 6 to 8,  to discuss issues members have in common, as well as ways of coping. We build up a waiting list of those that are interested and run the group when we have sufficient interest for it to start. After the group begins no new members are allowed to join and everyone is asked to attend every week so everyone gets to know each other. The group is led by an experienced counsellor who will help you to work out what you would like to talk about, and ensure the group is safe for everybody.

Issues that have been discussed in the past include;

    • Myths and beliefs about abuse
    • Relationships with families
    • Awareness of feelings
    • Asserting yourself
    • The impact of trauma
    • Relationships and trust
    • Feelings about the abuser                                       
    • Trusting your own reality
    • The importance of play

It is also possible to invite in different speakers or trainers to provide ideas or workshops for some of the sessions.

If a group session stirs up feelings or issues for you, and you feel you need more support than the group can offer, we ask that you contact us to arrange a one to one meeting with a member of staff at Survive.

If you think you would like to know more about joining a group please contact us for a one to one meeting. We will discuss the group with you and help you to work out if this might be a good option for you at this time.