We are a York based charity, supporting Survivors of rape, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse and any form of sexual violence or abuse.

We are currently the only specialist organisation supporting both male and female Survivors in North Yorkshire.

Counselling Support
Our team of experienced and specialist counsellors understand the complexities of surviving sexual violence and abuse. They work with post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociation conditions, complex trauma, depression, anxiety and emotional regulation in a safe and confidential setting.

1:1 Support
Our frontline team are able to give immediate support, advise and practical help in a less formal, less structured setting than counselling.

Group Work
Group Work is a fantastic way of restoring and building upon existing social skills and communication skills. It can help to reduce feelings of isolation, feeling that ‘I am the only one’ and can help to hear the experiences of other survivors. All groups are facilitated by a trained and experienced group facilitator.

Helpline Support
Our Helpline is open on Wednesdays 13:00 – 15:30, and is an opportunity to talk with a member of the team about your experience and to access informal support over the phone (allowing you to remain anonymous).

Ampleforth and Ealing Support Line
Survive is providing support for the survivors of Benedictine church abuse. If you have been affected by abuse in the Benedictine churches, please call 0808 145 1890.

Book Loan Service
Survive offers a book loan service to existing service users to find out more information about sexual assault, trauma and recovery.