Our Mission
We seek to support men and women who have experienced rape, sexual assault as adults
or sexual abuse in childhood. We aim to enable them to make sense of their experiences
and to assist them with making choices that are right for them as individuals. Additionally,
we raise awareness of the relevant issues in the wider community

Survive was established in 1990 as a self help group by survivors of child sexual abuse.
As needs arose, a free of charge service developed to support both women and men
affected by these experiences. Today, Survive is a registered charity managed by a
volunteer board of Trustees and operated by paid workers and volunteers. Survivors
continue to be represented within the organisation both at the Board and front-line level of
the service.

We believe that our clients are best served by providing choices and options to individuals
that will enable them to decide what support they need.
We are committed to providing an accessible, confidential service that promotes dignity
and self-worth for all our clients.

Our Strategic Vision
We seek to ensure accessible, diverse and flexible pathways to healing that address the
pain of sexual abuse in childhood or of rape or sexual assault among adults from their own
perspectives under the good practice of equal opportunities. We endeavour to provide
services that actively reflect the needs of our clients as identified by them.



Our Actions

We give both emotional and practical support in the decision making process for our
clients. This is accomplished by providing quality information and support service which is
accurate, confidential, free, and independent.
We aim to raise the profile and highlight areas of change at the local level in the care of
survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape and we encourage community



Our Funding
We are a charity that seeks funding in line with clients’ needs. Currently, we receive
private donations from individual benefactors, charitable trusts and foundations as well as
government agency monies.