Survive are a York based charity providing support to women and men who have survived child sexual abuse, rape or sexual assault.

Survive was started in 1990 by a group of women who wanted to help women survivors of child sexual abuse meet together to find ways of healing through being together. Services have subsequently developed to include a wider range of support. The organisation ran as a volunteer collective until in 1995 a management group was set up and funding was achieved to employ a paid coordinator and an administrator. In 1997 the organisation became a charity and a limited company, governed by a Board of Trustees. In 2010 the service was extended to include male survivors and adult survivors of rape and sexual assault and in 2014, Survive opened a counselling service for survivors of sexual abuse.

The current service is run by one part time chief officer and 9 part-time staff members. There is also a group of volunteers who help with the running of the organisation.  Volunteers are an important part of the service, with all volunteers being required to take part in extensive training. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please click here. The current trustees have a wide range of relevant professional backgrounds, including psychiatry, social work and the police.

Despite many changes the fundamental values of Survive remain. Survive offers a safe place for survivors of rape and sexual abuse to come to where your experiences will be listened to and understood. We offer you confidential support to help you to work out what is right for you.