You may still be feeling the consequences no matter how long ago it was. Traumatic experiences can feel just as real as they did years ago. Other experiences in your life that leave you feeling trapped or powerless are likely to stir up memories of being raped or abused until you have a chance to deal with the memories.If you would like help with thinking about how Survive might help, or what other services might help you in North Yorkshire, please contact us. It is never too late to get help.


It may be worth thinking about what health implications may be relevant for you. If you have been raped, do you need support and advice from the nearest sexual health clinic in relation to sexual infections or unwanted pregnancy. To find information about clinics in North Yorkshire go to


The police are still interested in historical abuse. If you want to report historical or recent abuse they will follow up any information you give them. In North Yorkshire call 101 and the police will arrange when to meet you. It is also possible for you to alert social care, in person or anonymously, if you are concerned your abuser may be putting other children at risk. Social care have a duty to investigate any information given to them. Please also see our Legal Advice page here.