Morrison bag pack ! big thanks to all that gave & those who gave their time to do it!

Thanks for everyone who helped with the bag-pack at the weekend at Morrison. It went really well and even though we were a little thin on the ground. We raised a whopping:
We also got:
2 Indian rupees
11 cents
and 1 United Arab Emirates coin (the value of which I am not confidant of).
Thanks to Nic for her fantastic job of organising and to Tom for being an absolute star on his first Survive fundraiser!

Goodbye to Mandy

Mandy our long serving Office Manager, trainer, group facilitator, funding applicator amongst other roles. Is leaving for pastures new – From all at Survive a great big thank you for all your hard and relentless work in getting Survive to where is today and all those hundreds of people you have helped in their journeys of recovery. You will be missed. All the best in your new role.